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ActiveCampaign stands among the best marketing automation tools in the industry. Although it's not as complete as the major choices in the industry, ActiveCampaign is more than enough to help most businesses accomplish basic and mildly complex goals. 

The tool offers dozens of pre-built workflows that can be customized to suit our specific needs. We will be guided through the workflow creation process through an intuitive step-by-step navigator. The tool is drag and drop at every stage, so we will never get stuck in endless scrolls through dozens and dozens of options. There is about 22 triggers to activate an automation workflow. We can also specify alternative triggers to change the way the users enters the workflow. 

ActiveCampaign makes it easy to edit the design template workflows without having to leave the workflows. For example: We can create emails directly within our workflow without having to switch back and forth between the automation and email campaign dashboards. The tool's Split Action feature lets us A/B test for everything: emails, wait times, SMS versus email, or any kind of custom action we've created within the tool. Split Action also lets us differentiate the types of offers people receive based on when they enter the workflow; this is a nice way to reward early birds during time-sensitive promotions.

ActiveCampaign's "Goals" feature lets us bypass certain stages of the automation. ie. if a contact achieves a goal (for example, makes a purchase) during the first stage of a nurturing campaign, we can assign the Goals tag to skip the contact to the upsell or resell stage of a workflow. ‘Achieving a goal’ is one of the start triggers ActiveCampaign provides, so we can automatically add someone to a new workflow if they accomplish the goal. We can also add an ‘End Automation’ rule that ends a workflow if certain conditions are met.

The tool also integrates with ActiveCampaign's native CRM in the Pro plan and higher. By this, we can automate the sales pipeline by adding into the CRM once they've signed up for a deal. We can also assign the contacts to specific sales people (deal owner). We can add relationship-driven tasks, or notes, so that we're constantly in communication from marketing to sales. Sales teams can mark deals as won, which will then trigger a new automation, so that we're always driving people from marketing to sales to marketing to sales.

This marketing automation tool uses AI to predict the best time to send email campaigns to contacts based on the time they opened or clicked the previous email campaigns so that we can schedule it to send the campaign at the right time. We can also add dynamic contents based on the contact details in the email campaigns using the email designer (ensures the right message). The filter and segmentation features inside the tool helps us to reach out to the right users (contacts).

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