Sony A6300 And A640...
Sony A6300 And A6400 Of Sony. A Comparative Analysis Of Mirrorless Cameras
Sony A6300 And A6400 Of Sony. A Comparative Analysis Of Mirrorless Cameras
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Two cameras two cameras, the Sony A6400 and the A6300 have several similarities. The a6400 is an A-S-C camera while the a6300 has an Exmor R sensor. Their AF capabilities are the primary distinction, and is superior to the Sony a6400. However, these two models are not identical in appearance. The latest autofocus technology on the a6400 works with even less luminosity.  
The a6400 camera is a more recent camera equipped with new features and controls. It's got a greater frame rate, as well as it also has a longer duration of battery. The a6400 also has a larger ISO range, and it's slightly larger. It's possible to get a higher quality picture from the a6400. While the style for both models is identical but there are major differences.  
One of the most important distinct differences between both models is the video quality. The cameras both record video in the same quality. Both cameras can record at the same frame rates, resolutions and bitrates. Both models have identical storage capacities and output XAVC S. A6300 can shoot 4K videos at 100mbps, while the A6400 is capable of recording Full HD 1080p video at 50mbps.  
The a6400 removes the thirty minute limitation per film and the a6300's image stabilization is limited to 2 minutes. The a6300 is equipped with one fixed f/1.8 aperture as well as a fixed shutter time which is set at 30 seconds. Both cameras are equipped with the 2.7-inch OLED viewfinder and a magnification of 0.7x. Except for the grip that the Sony A6500 has a very similar design to its predecessor the a6300.  
A6300 has a viewfinder, it is not available in the A6400. The A6400 however has no viewfinder. This is a notable attribute of a mirrorless camera however it's not as important as the viewfinder. The A6400 is more versatile in terms of focal points as well as a greater aperture. It is also a faster camera. The A6300 is slightly slower in some areas.  
Although the cameras look very like each other, there are significant differentiators. Although the A6300 comes with an LCD screen however, the A6400 is equipped with a touchscreen. The A6400's screen is a little smaller than the a6300 however both cameras come with an abundance of customizable buttons. The A6400 features a dial that controls exposure, as well as the hot shoe is for microphones.  
The Sony a6400 is a more sophisticated camera, and comes with a wider range of options. The Sony a6400 can be used by the creation of content more than conventional photographers. The A6300 is about identical to it, with many similarities. It's larger than A6300 and also has an 180 degree flip-up display. The camera is also used with 4K video.  
Sony's a6400 is smaller than the a6400, and also weighs less. The A6300 sports a bigger and heavier sensor than the A6400. The A6400 is slightly larger and heavier than the A6300. The sensor size of A6400 is exactly the same. The A6400's battery life is longer than the A6400, but both cameras have the capability of handling a variety of different tasks simultaneously.  
Both cameras have touchscreens and are easy to use. The A6300 camera is less expensive, while the a6400 is more expensive. The A6500 is slightly superior in video recording. Image stabilization is the main feature of the A6500. The a6300 lets you target objects using the EVF. The A6400 is adjustable to target objects in the viewfinder.  
The A6400 features a much more stunning touchscreen. While the A6300 has the capability of shooting 44 JPEG and 107 raw images, the A6400 can hold up to 108 raw photos. Both cameras feature a great touchscreen. The A6400 comes with a better buffer. Both cameras have no drawbacks. While the capabilities of the A6400 are more advanced than those of the a6300, they are more.  
The Sony A6400 features a slower autofocus than the A6300 however, it has better continuous shooting. Both cameras are able to capture swiftly moving objects. Both cameras have a quick lens. This is a crucial feature for the digital camera. The OLED display on the A6400's touchscreen is 2.7 inches. The touchscreen of the A6300 is 3.7 inches.



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