How do I find a partner online?  


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16/09/2022 8:40 am  

He liked her photo, she smiled back with a smiley face. This is roughly the pattern of online friendships, and with it romantic relationships. Advice on a dating site.

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16/09/2022 9:37 am  

If in the past people got acquainted at discos, in parks, in the streets, on public transport, now dating sites are very popular. On the one hand it is easier because you can meet dozens of people in a short period of time, but on the other hand it is not safe. So it is better to choose proven sites like and get acquainted there.

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16/09/2022 10:41 am  

To protect yourself, think of questions that can reveal the person as a person. For example, if you believe that insults are unacceptable in a man-woman relationship, ask a question that could make your pen pal angry and gauge his reaction.


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