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20/09/2022 12:55 pm  

Guys, hi. I'm on the subject of website design to you. In general, the business model and method of monetization for his review site, I chose and understand that you can go to the development of design. Any advice on that?

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20/09/2022 3:17 pm  

You need in any case to make a design that will focus on your niche and target audience. You can learn more about this from The results of the analysis of the niche, target audience and competitors will also help you in this, on the basis of which you must choose which functions you need to implement in the first place. Then you will need to create custom streams.

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20/09/2022 4:22 pm  

Once the user flow has been compiled, designers proceed to develop the frameworks for the site or app. I'm talking about page layouts without graphics or text.


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