What business tasks are solved by email marketing  


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16/09/2022 8:02 am  

Hello forum members. I understand the benefits of email marketing. But what does email marketing help businesses with?

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16/09/2022 9:28 am  

The first and most important point is to improve customer service https://newmediaservices.com.au/fundamental-basics-of-email-marketing-2018/. An e-mail in the client's mail with important information is infinitely convenient! Transactional emails help with this. These are automatic emails sent to the client depending on the action taken. For example, a confirmation or order status as well as an electronic check. Customers love the automation. When everything comes quickly, electronically, and without unnecessary calls.

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Transactional emails have the highest openability compared to other emails. This is worth taking into account. Transactional emails can be used as an advertising tool and integrate different affiliate offers.


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