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Explain mysql_free_result() and mysql_close().2.
Differentiate between $name and $$name.3.
Explain ternary operator with example.4.
Explain an associative array.5.
Explain POST method.6.
Differentiate between include() and require().7.
Explain persistent cookie.8.
What are default session time and path?9.
State when php is more suitable then its companion technology.10.
How to delete session variables?11.
Differentiate between static and global variable.12.
Explain REQUEST method.13.
What is auto_append file in php.ini? Explain with example.14.
What is echo and print? What is difference between these?15.
What are different ways to retrieve data in the result set of mysqlusing php?16.
Discuss order by clause.17.
Compare for and for each.18.
Explain exit and return.19.
Discuss different ways of commenting code in php with example.20.
What is difference between single quote(‘) and double quote(“) inphp?21.
What is use of header().22.
Compare == and ===23.
Give difference between isset() and unset().24.
Explain order by clause with example.25.
List features of php.26.
Explain querystring with example.27.
What do you mean by Add-Ons

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