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13/09/2022 8:20 am  

Even the most perfect renovation won’t look complete without decor. It seems as if the easiest way is to hang pictures on the walls. But how to choose them and where to look for them?

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13/09/2022 10:44 am  

Pay attention to the color scheme of your interior and highlight the color that dominates. Think about which shades will complement it, and which will reveal it in a new light. I personally like turquoise wall decor and the way it looks in the apartment. In order not to make a mistake, use the color wheel and the rule of contrast point. Namely, find the most contrasting point in the interior. It will become the main accent.

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13/09/2022 12:20 pm  

Your style will help you find exactly the painting you want. For example, for a classic interior will suit a natural palette and classic subjects. And abstracts, street style and posters will easily fit into a modern setting.


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